From black rundle to river rock, we have various bulk rock products to suit your landscape needs. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colours, allowing you to create a unique and visually appealing design. Check out our selection of decorative rock below.

Black rundle decorative rock

Black Rundle (1.5")

Black Rundle Rock is typically used in flower beds and landscaping. This rock size comes in slightly larger than a loonie.

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River rock

River Rock (0.75", 1.5", 2-4", 4-8")

River Rock is available in a range of sizes. The rock itself is a mixture of grey, browns and tans. The large size is ideal for use in ponds.

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Limestone (5/8" Screenings, 0.75", 2-3", 4-6")

Limestone is a decorative rock that is in the greyish blue tons. It is great for around houses and flowerbeds and is available in 4 different sizes – 5/8″, .75″, 2-3″, & 4-6″.

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crushed rock

Crushed Rock (0.75", 1.5", 3-5", 4-8" & 5-12")

Crushed Rock is an unwashed, angular rock used for drainage rock.

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California Rainbow Rock

California Rainbow (0.75", 2-3")

California Rock is filled with bright colors and is excellent for water features and ponds, and rock beds. It is available in 2 sizes for your landscaping needs.

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Smokey White Decorative Rock

Smokey White (2-3")

Smokey White is a combo of light grey and off-white stone.

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Purple Sparkle decorative rock

Purple Sparkle (1.5")

Purple Sparkle is great for flowerbeds, around trees, shrubs and in planters. This rock size is slightly larger than a loonie.

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