Beach Sand

Beach sand is a great addition to your outdoor living space. Therefore, at Rockslide Gravel, we have sand that’s perfect for use under paving stones, a sandbox or a backyard beach volleyball court. Furthermore, beach sand can be used as a base for creating a beach-like atmosphere. You can easily build a mini oasis with potted plants and coastal-themed decor by filling pots or planters with sand. Additionally, sand adds a natural element and emphasizes a beach theme, allowing you to enjoy a tropical getaway without leaving the comfort of your own home.

For families with children, sand provides an excellent surface for a multitude of outdoor activities. Kids can enjoy hours of entertainment in the comfort of their own yard with a sandbox filled with our sand. Whether it’s building sandcastles, constructing sand pits, or engaging in imaginative play,  the fine texture and softness of this sand make it gentle on little hands and feet. Therefore, ensuring a safe and enjoyable play environment at home.

Another advantage of beach sand from Rockslide Gravel is its positive impact on soil drainage. Its composition allows for excellent water percolation, helping to prevent waterlogging and promoting healthy root development for your greenery. Incorporating sand can be an efficient and effective solution for your lawn’s drainage or enhance the condition of your garden beds.

Create picturesque landscape designs that mimic the serene beauty of a coastal retreat. Whether you have a small backyard or an expansive garden, the addition of beach sand can instantly transport you to a calming seaside getaway. Use it as a ground cover around potted plants, create pathways, or even design a dedicated beach area. The aesthetic appeal of sand will uplift the ambiance of your outdoor space, giving it a coastal vibe that evokes feelings of calmness and tranquillity.

We’ll deliver to your home in Bonnyville, Cold Lake, St. Paul, Lac La Biche and the surrounding area.